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The SOFT VALVE COVER is a replacement valve kit that extends the life of your soft flask or bladder. As well as 2 spare valves, you also get two protective caps to help keep pollution and germs out. Compatible with all Salomon caps. Does not include the plastic part integrated into the flask.

Hygiene & protection

The new cap helps protect your valve from pollution and stops it getting dirty, so your flask or bladder stays more hygienic.

Longer life

Having spare parts on hand will help extend the life of your soft flask or bladder. Fits all Salomon flasks and bladders.

Fully equipped

With 2 valves and covers in the pack, you’ll always have a backup and never be caught unprepared. You can also feel about the valve, as it’s PVC and Bisphenol-A free.


  • Season: 2023 Fall/Winter
  • Weight: 18 g
  • Solution type: Spare part


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