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Lava grills allow you to start grilling just a few minutes after pressing the igniter and turning the taps. There is no time-consuming and time-consuming preparation and ignition of charcoal. You can use this time to play with your friends. Unlike charcoal grills, the temperature can be smoothly adjusted during grilling to prepare more sophisticated-tasting dishes. The lockable lid allows you to use the grill as an oven in which you can bake, for example, bread. Ending grilling is as easy as starting. It is enough to turn off the taps for the grill to finish. There is no need to put out the burning coal and throw ash near the house. The lava stones are designed for multiple use, which saves money that would have to be spent on charcoal. Porous lava stones have the ability to self-clean, just cover the lid after grilling and set the knobs to maximum power. After a few minutes, any fat left in the food will burn off. And most importantly - the taste and smell of perfectly baked meat. Lava stones can absorb large amounts of rendered fat, protecting the meat from overcooking. The gas needed to heat the lava stones burns completely and does not leave any smell in the food, unlike the liquid kindling used in charcoal grills.


  • Grate area: 1500 cm²
  • Chrome grate
  • Double steel burner
  • Cover with a window
  • Volcanic lava grate
  • Piezo lighter
  • 1 side shelf
  • Thermometer
  • Power: 7kW
  • Powered by a gas mixture of butane / propane or propane
  • Weight: 20 kg

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