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This lightweight and compact hiking pole is great for all hikes regardless of whether you're starting out, or a seasoned enthusiast. Designed for all types of terrain, the integrated Anti-Shock spring system absorbs small bumps and shocks, reducing fatigue while providing stability and support. The ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable secure grip no matter the position. This pole is a true 'go anywhere' adventure companion.
Ergonomic Grip
The grip is designed to fit snuggly into the human hand. The ribs and contours on the handle ensure a strong secure grip in all weather conditions. The adjustable wrist-strap wraps securely preventing accidental loss.
Compact and Lightweight
This lightweight pole only weighs 265g and with a collapsed length: 55 cm and Collapsed width: ~4.5cm is highly portable , its easy to handle and easy to carry.
Durable Build
The pole is made of a strong Aluminium alloy which has high strength, toughness, and good resistance to fatigue, to ensure a long service life while remaining lightweight.
  • Material: Aluminium 7075-T6
  • Weight: 265 g
  • Tube diameter 18/16/14mm.
  • Collapsed Length: 55cm
  • Extended Length: from 95 to 110 cm.
  • Included: Trekking Basket
  • Included: Tip protector
  • Hardened Tungsten tip
  • Anti-Shock spring system
Usage Instructions:
  1. Do not go beyond the STOP lines, this prevents the pole from breaking.
  2. Adjust the pole to you desired height by turning the bottom section anti-clockwise to loosen it, then pull gently to set the height of the section. Then turn it back in the clockwise direction to set the position.
  3. If the pole keeps collapsing, tighten the section in half a turn increments until firm.
  4. Test to see if secure using a hard bump for example, tighten further if necessary.
  5. For your safety check periodically that the pole is still well secured.
  6. Caution, do not carry on backpack/head in case of a storm.
Care Instructions:
  • Clean as soon as possible after use.
  • Incase of water ingress, undo the sections and leave to dry fully. Then reconnect the sections.
  • It is not recommended to oil or grease the internal mechanisms.

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