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Named for the Russian royal Stroganoff family, our Trek’n Eat version of the classic meal is made of beef and rice. With it, we pay culinary homage to its namesake and to late 19th Century St. Petersburg so we can offer a gourmet treat with epicurean taste. Ist flavor can be individually refined by adding extras such as paprika, tarragon, vinegar, sherry, cognac or white wine, depending on what you have along with you. But of course even without adding any extras our Beef Stroganoff with Rice remains a hearty classic for outdoor meals – a favorite that has found fans far beyond the borders of the northwestern Russian metropolis with its stirring 200-year history.

Brand : Trek'n Eat
Category : Beef
Allergens : Milk
Net Weight (g) : 160
Added Water (ml) : 380
Ready quantity (g) : 540
Shelf life from production (years) : 3

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