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The Cafflano Go-Brew is a take-away bottle you can use as a manual filter coffee maker. In a few steps, you can enjoy a freshly-made coffee:
Unscrew the top (funnel-shaped) bottle and the cap
Raise the removable ring, and put the funnel back to make a filter holder
Put in a suitable paper filter, rinse it and discard the used water
Place your ground coffee in the filter, then pour the hot water little by little you have the desired amount of coffee
Screw the cap back on, discard the filter, lower the removable ring and screw the funnel back onto the bottle.
It can take up to 380ml of coffee when used in coffee-making mode or 500ml used as a simple drinking bottle. 
Made of bioplastic, silicone and polypropylene, it is guaranteed BPA-free and only weighs 290g.

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